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Welcome to Sayless Spritz - Redefining the Ready-to-Drink Wine Spritz Experience

Discover the Taste of Elegance and Convenience

At Sayless Spritz, we believe that enjoying a perfectly crafted wine spritz should be as effortless as opening a can. Our ready-to-drink spritzers blend the sophistication of fine wines with the refreshment of sparkling water, catering to a discerning clientele who values both tradition and innovation. Whether you're hosting an elegant gathering, relaxing by the lake, or toasting to the weekend, Sayless Spritz is your perfect companion.

Our Story

Born from a passion for mixology and a love for life's celebratory moments, Sayless Spritz was created to bring the bar-quality wine spritz experience straight to your fingertips. Our founders, seasoned in the world of fine dining and luxurious beverages, envisioned a product that marries the sophistication of premium wines with the practicality of a ready-to-drink format.

Mission Statement: To redefine the spritz experience by blending the sophistication of fine wines with the refreshment of sparkling water, catering to a discerning clientele who values both tradition and innovation.

Brand Vision: Establish Sayless Spritz as the emblem of upscale, health-conscious leisure and the preferred choice for refined entertainment.

  • Pro Wine Advocacy:

    We champion the richness and simplicity of traditional wine against the modern seltzer trend, positioning our products as a thoughtful blend of heritage and health-conscious choices.

  • Lifestyle Alignment:

    Sayless Spritz promotes a luxurious yet active lifestyle, complementing our product's use at high-end events, wellness retreats, and fashionable locales.

  • Fashion Forward:

    We align with avant-garde fashion trends to appeal to a style-conscious demographic, integrating the brand into fashion events and collaborations.

At Sayless, we believe in saying more with less.

Made in the U.S.A

Our commitment to sourcing from American vineyards not only ensures the highest quality but also supports local growers and sustainable practices.

No artificial flavors

Our spritzers embody the essence of simplicity, allowing the natural flavors of the wine and sparkling water to shine through without any artificial additives or unnecessary complexity.

6% ABV

We're proud to offer a range of spritzers that blend pure sparkling water with carefully sourced wine, maintaining a crisp and invigorating taste at a refreshing 6% ABV.

Made for Wine Lovers!

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The Wine Spritz for Wine Lovers

Skip the Whining. Bring the Wine…Sayless. Our mission is to redefine the spritz experience by blending the sophistication of fine wines with the refreshment of sparkling water. Enjoy a drink that’s as sophisticated as it is convenient, perfect for those who appreciate both tradition and innovation.

Absolutely love this product! The Classic Rose and Sauv Blanc are my everyday go-to cans, but you can't beat the pineapple! Love that they don't bloat me like seltzers do and aren't as carbonated! You have a customer for life!

Adrienne R.

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