Established in 2018, Sayless delivers a first of its
kind convenient spritz collection.
Pineapple Rosé Spritz 5% abv
Watermelon Rosé Spritz 5% abv
Classic Rosé Spritz 6% abv
Sauvignon Blanc Spritz 6% abv
Pinot Noir Spritz 6% abv
Oaked Chardonnay Spritz 6% abv


Our Journey

Our journey to offer premium wine in a ready-to-drink can began back in 2017 when we realized that there just was not a convenient alternative for the premium wine drinker that had an active lifestyle. We wanted to liberate that wine drinker from the days of old where they had to pop a cork to consume some of the finest wine that The Columbia Valley had to offer and that’s when the idea of Sayless Spritz was born. Sayless Spritz was created with every occasion in mind. It is perfect when you are sitting at home enjoying a movie or reading your favorite book. It is also perfect when you are out with your friends enjoying a day in the sun by the pool. The idea behind Sayless Spritz was to make premium wine convenient and available for any occasion and we did it! We call that the Sayless Flow. Four years later we continue to work hard to make Sayless Spritz available to the world because the world is just a better place when you throw some wine into the mix.

Sayless elevates the traditional wine spritz experience with its 5% premium wine and colorful monochromatic cans. Topped off with sparkling water our wine varietals are refreshing, crisp, not too sweet and canned for convenience.

No need to mix with anything else, we've already done that for you. Ready to enjoy anywhere and anytime.